Blood is responsible for transporting a variety of substances throughout the body, from oxygen to hormones, clotting factors, sugars, fats and immune system cells throughout the body. There is no need to invest in an expensive cleansing regimen or buy detox supplements.
Your liver and kidneys play an important role in purifying the blood in the body by clearing and excreting toxins from the body. Therefore, the best condition for purifying the blood naturally is to find ways that help the proper functioning of these organs.

Fortunately, the body has a system to take care of the detoxification process and eliminate waste from the blood, namely the liver and kidneys.

What should you know about Liver?

The liver is located in the upper right part of the abdomen and plays an important role in the process of converting food into energy. It also converts toxins such as alcohol, harmful metals and drugs into harmless substances and plays a role in their excretion in the body.

What is fatty liver?

According to amvitamins online shop blog, The liver is the second largest organ in the human body and is responsible for the so-called rejection of all food and beverages consumed through the filter, which means that the liver takes the detox and enters them into other systems without harm.

The liver naturally repairs and cleanses itself by cells, but this is disrupted if negative factors are involved. The presence of fat in the liver is normal for every human being, but if the liver contains 5 to 10% fat, it is called fatty liver.

Fatty liver types can be divided into the following categories:

  • Alcoholic fatty liver disease (ALD)
  • Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD)
  • Non-alcoholic hepatitis status (NASH) and alcoholic hepatitis status

What causes fatty liver?

  • Consumption of alcohol and alcoholic beverages
  • Consume fatty foods
  • Overweight
  • Lack of healthy physical activity means the same useful exercise and mobility
  • Malnutrition and high blood pressure
  • Pregnancy
  • Take medications such as aspirin, tetracycline and acetaminophen.
  • Diet rich in sugars
  • Diabetes
  • Increased blood lipid levels
  • Sudden weight loss

What are the signs and symptoms of fatty liver?

    This disease is often asymptomatic but can manifest over time and with increasing liver fat          with the symptoms of fatty liver. The signs can be:

  • Feeling tired and lethargic
  • Weight loss and appetite
  • nausea
  • General weakness
  • Pain in the center or right side of the upper abdomen
  • Confusion, difficulty concentrating
  • Confusion
  • Tendency to bleed easier and faster
  • Darkening of the skin of the neck and armpits and skin lesions become dull.
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If fatty liver progresses to liver failure and severe inflammation of the liver, the symptoms of fatty liver are as follows:

  • The color of your eyes turns yellow.
  • Your stomach fills with water.
  • You have hepatitis A, B or C.
  • You feel constant itching in your body.
  • You are constantly tired.
  • You are overweight.
  • You are confused and forgetful.

Who is more prone to fatty liver?

Nutritionists and health experts emphasize that in general, people whose abdominal circumference increases are at higher risk for fatty liver.

research show that about 70% of patients with fatty liver are obese

 And as obesity is spreading in different communities and age groups, the prevalence of this disease is increasing.

Excessive consumption of high-calorie foods is one of the effective factors in the prevalence of obesity. When people do not use this excess energy with physical activity, fats are stored around the abdomen and liver cells, making it vital for this vital organ to function.

Plain fatty liver is usually diagnosed by accident and 70 to 80% of patients with this disease have no symptoms and see a doctor because of other diseases. Fats are also affected, but in some cases, in addition to feeling tired, the patient may also have pain in the liver.

Is it possible to treat fatty liver?

Note that: If fatty liver is diagnosed early, it can be prevented and treated.

Weight loss, physical activity and exercise, proper diet and avoidance of fatty and high-calorie foods are some of the methods that help prevent the progression of this disease. Since this disease can be treated in the early stages,

it is recommended to have a healthy diet, exercise and achieve a balanced weight and generally change your lifestyle. Note that if the fatty liver turns into cirrhosis, the liver tissue is destroyed. In this case, the treatment of fatty liver will be more difficult.

To date, no cure has been discovered for this silent disease, and the most important way to treat this disease is to eliminate its causes. People who have fatty liver due to excessive alcohol consumption should completely stop consuming alcohol.

Overweight people need to lose weight by changing their diet and following a professional diet and doing daily exercise. 10% weight loss is the most important key to solving the problem of fatty liver. People with diabetes or hyperlipidemia should take steps to treat the disease by controlling their blood sugar and fat with the help of a specialist.

 Also, daily consumption of one gram of fish capsules will help this disease. Remember that the most important ways to treat this disease are lifestyle changes, ie changes in diet, physical activity, walking and physical activity.

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Diagnosis of fatty liver

      Physical examinations

Inflammation of the liver is possible through physical examination of the abdomen and enlargement of the liver. However, in some cases there may be no sign of enlarged liver. Be sure to tell your doctor about things like fatigue, loss of appetite, medication and supplements.

       blood test

Blood tests check the amount and level of liver enzymes. In case of fatty liver, the level of liver enzymes increases. However, such tests do not show a definitive diagnosis, and further tests are needed to find the cause of the inflammation in the liver.

       Photography tests

CT scans and MRIs are some of the methods that help detect the presence of fat in the liver. The point is, such tests do not show the extent or percentage of damage.

       Liver tissue biopsy

Biopsy is one of the best methods to determine the severity of the disease. To do this, the doctor inserts a needle into the liver tissue and removes a small piece of tissue for further examination. This will also determine the cause of the disease.


Detoxification, resting the body, cleansing and nourishing the body from within. Detoxification has been practiced for centuries by various cultures around the world, including Ayurvedic and Chinese medicine systems.

Detoxification by eliminating toxins from the body, then nourishing the body with healthy nutrients can help protect you from disease and improve your ability to maintain optimal health through a range of techniques including yoga, meditation and more. It bites.

A detoxification program can help the body’s natural cleansing process through the following:

  1. Resting the limbs by fasting
  2. Stimulation of the liver for toxins from the body
  3. Promote the excretion of toxins through the intestines, kidneys and skin
  4. Improve blood circulation
  5. Refuel the body with healthy nutrients

Recommendations and general ways to treat fatty liver

  • Have a proper diet, especially a diet containing fruits and vegetables and low-fat foods
  • Consumption of garlic and onion, beet, cabbage and ..
  • Consumption of sour lemon juice in hot water, of course, this method is not recommended for people with stomach problems
  • Weight Loss
  • Avoid taking drugs arbitrarily during any illness
  • Take vitamin E, of course, in moderation and in consultation with your doctor
  • Quit drugs
  • Sport
  • Reduce sugar and sugar intake

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Useful fruits and vegetables to control and reduce the severity of fatty liver include:

Types of




-green apple

-Grapefruit and Darabi


-Artichoke (artichoke)




-Bitter Almond


-Melon and cantaloupe.

Food jams and immediate ways to detoxify the body

There is no miracle for detoxifying the body; But following a healthy general diet, including plenty of fruits and vegetables, can be a great way to detoxify your body. In particular, the following foods have been shown to have a positive effect on the ability of the liver and kidneys to clear and purify waste products and toxins from the blood:

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The best way to increase kidney function is to drink plenty of water. Effective kidney function and health depend on water to help them eliminate body waste. Water also helps blood vessels to function properly so that blood can flow freely. Severe dehydration can lead to kidney damage.

Urine should be light yellow or colorless during the day. According to the National Kidney Association, you should have about 6 cups of urine every day. Adequate water consumption will be different for everyone. A general rule of thumb is eight glasses of water a day, but if you exercise hard or gain more weight you may need more water. Men generally need more water than women.

Crispy vegetables (broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, Brussels sprouts)

Cross vegetables are often recommended for people with kidney disease. They are rich in antioxidants and very nutritious. They have been shown to reduce the risk of many types of cancer, including kidney cancer.

In addition, these vegetables are very diverse. You can eat them raw, steamed, cooked, grilled or as part of a soup or salad.


Grapefruit is rich in antioxidants and may help control inflammation in the body. Most studies have been done on the effects of grapefruit components on animals, but the results are promising. Studies show that the antioxidants in grapefruit can help protect the liver from the harmful effects of alcohol.


Apples contain a lot of soluble fiber called pectin. Soluble fiber helps regulate blood sugar levels. Because high blood sugar can damage your kidneys, anything that helps control it will have an indirect and positive effect on kidney health. Apples are a great snack, especially with a little peanut butter.


Blueberries are excellent antioxidants that can protect the liver from damage. Studies show that whole blueberry juice can help with liver health. You can eat fresh or frozen blueberries as a snack, or mix them in yogurt, oats or fruit juice. Blueberries are often considered for improving urinary tract function. They have been shown to prevent bacteria from attaching to the urinary tract, which in turn keeps your kidneys away from infection.


Drinking coffee may have protective effects on the liver. Studies show that drinking coffee reduces the risk of cirrhosis in people with chronic liver disease. Coffee is associated with a lower risk of death in people with chronic liver disease and a better response to antiviral therapy in people with hepatitis C. These benefits may be due to the ability of coffee to prevent the accumulation of fat and collagen in the liver.

You can find so many reasons of coffe benefits for liver in medical websites like health.com , who.com and amvitamins.com


Ginger may help improve blood sugar control. Studies have also shown that ginger is very effective in treating non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD). Fresh or powdered ginger can add a special flavor to certain foods or you can drink it as a tea.

Green tea

Studies show that drinking green tea may improve liver health and reduce fat stores in the liver. The greatest benefits are seen in people who drink at least four cups of green tea a day.


Fatty liver diseases is a silent and dangerous disease but it can be cure if you know the symptoms and signs to get best cure. We hpoe that we could introduce you the best ways for knowing this problems and it’s solutions.