Lewis Urry

Lewis Urry was born on Saturday, January 29, 1927 in Canada. The great source of wealth is due of being a successful and well known Entrepreneur. The Lewis Urry net worth shows that being born under the lucky star sign of the Aquarius is a very good thing!

Lewis Urry Net Worth, Salary, Height, Weight, Age, Bio and Family
Birth Name Lewis Urry
Profession(s) Entrepreneur
Born Saturday, January 29, 1927
Birth Place Canada
Star Sign Aquarius

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Canadian chemical engineer who greatly improved battery technology with his lithium and alkaline batteries.

Lewis Urry , born on January 29, 1927 in Pontypool, Ontario (Canada) and died on October 19, 2004, in Ohio, USA, was an electrochemical engineer and Canadian inventor .

He invented the Zinc / Manganese alkaline battery, with Karl Kordesch and P.A. Marsal.

After studying chemical engineering at the University of Toronto, and graduating in 1950, Urry began his career at Eveready (now Energizer in 1980). In 1955, he went to the company’s laboratory in Parma, Ohio, to find a way to extend the life of zinc-carbon batteries, the limited duration of which was a serious drawback. Urry realized that developing a new type of battery would be more economical than trying to extend existing batteries.

During the 1950s, many engineers had experimented with alkaline batteries. For example, W. Herbert introduced the first manganese dioxide-based commercial alkaline battery in 1952. But none had developed one that lasted long enough to offset the costs of production.

Urry, after a lot of testing, realized that the zinc / manganese dioxide pair was working well with an electrolyte made of potash (potassium hydroxide) and that the battery had a much better capacity when using the zinc powder, instead of metallic zinc.

It is said that to sell the idea to his bosses, he put the battery in a toy car, and rolled it in the canteen, competing with the same car equipped with salt batteries. He showed that his new battery lasted longer.

In 1957, Lewis Urry, Karl Kordesch and Paul A. Marsal filed US Patent 2,960,558 for the Dry Alkaline Battery, which became the Eveready Model D Battery. This patent was recognized in 1960 and awarded to Union Carbide, for which was working Karl Kordesch.

Eveready started producing these batteries in 1959. Today’s alkaline batteries have been vastly improved, and lasted dozens of times longer than the prototype.

In 1999, Urry offered the prototype of his stack, as well as the first stack produced in series, at the Smithsonian Institution. Both are on display in the same room as Edison’s incandescent lamp.

Lewis Urry net worth

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